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CheyJ 5 years ago
Bruhhh you know you lonely ass fuck when you gotta watch ppl make out. Sucks being a 18 year old girl vrigin.
Jja 3 years ago
I'm so tired of porn I just want to meet my girlfriend and make out with her
Its I 1 year ago
Me and my Ex used to make out for hours sometimes because he was religious and fucking was too far. But we would kiss necks, rub eachother a bit, press our bodies together and even though I have a bf rn, but damn do I miss his kisses. Those were passionate and sometimes the tease is better than the actual fuck
Ryan 3 years ago
I would love it if I were her boyfriend and I was sitting there watching her kiss another guy for 46 minutes straight!
1 year ago
The other day me and my bf made out for 3 hours straight
Jaylee Spencer 11 months ago
Bro I make out whith my bf for like 6hours and finally had sex
Idiots 2 years ago
some people are french
2 weeks ago
Goddamnit he's hot!
4 months ago
I also like how he is slithery domanite
9 months ago
Can they have sex already he isn't even that hot