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ZAC 9 years ago
if you're male and dislike this: pop yourself off! ;-)
sophiefan 11 years ago
She is a brilliant model and a beautiful woman. Is it wrong to like this?
SickMan 13 years ago
It's amazing how Sophie can be so cute and so crazy at the same time. I'm a big fan of her work, but I honestly think this vid is TOO brutal.
And you all should keep in mind that this guy at the time was her real life husband (Toni Ribas).
viewer 7 years ago
this is most brutal deepthroat I've ever seen
Vince 8 years ago
the mouthfuckedst slut of all times-
Inge 8 years ago
Now that was fun! I need to find a new job!
Wrendly 8 years ago
This is great
Sam 8 years ago
Sophie's hair, make up, clothes, body - perfect.
jhon 9 years ago
fsf 9 years ago
that guy is fucking annoying