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oh man 7 years ago
i love those boobs so much
Domenator12049 7 years ago
That's one of my favorite videos! When I tried it the first time I was narrowly defeated but with a little practice goes as loose from the wrist
(Sorry about the spelling but I use an app to translate)
for real 8 years ago
Why is it so hard to find perfect women like her on this site? Real boobs, gorgeous all around.
came 6 years ago
for the 1st one then reloaded on another vid. she bored me
ezzzzz 7 years ago
3rd time ive completed this 16yo
DidIt 5 years ago
The second part took me about 15 minutes, instead of the 6 she provided in the video, but I did it.
I don't see how anyone could do the second part in like 6 minutes unless your using viagra or your really gifted.
First Time Cummed 6 years ago
I Rapid My Dick And BOOM Cum Came Out
Dick 7 years ago
I came once, no where near hot enough to throw the second load
#winning 7 years ago
10:09 its easier the second time if u streach ur legs out lol
close call 7 years ago
I Barely made it twice 10:02